Saturday, February 11, 2017


I'm always on the lookout for amusing or surprising signs.


Potentially life saving information.  

Twelve times !
Well.   Does it or doesn't it 

For several years I was always on the lookout for these signs as they meant
that the TV show "Haven" was filming in the area
Provocative sign by the gate to the Old Burying Ground on Barrington Street
I love that a cat ran for mayor on the spay / neuter platform

Guess where this sign is.
On the side lines of our Pride Parade a few years back.  

Near Blue Rocks.

Few people know that the World's only government documented UFO
siting was here Nova Scotia.

Bilingual English / Gaelic sign in Cape Breton
I look forward to the day when these signs aren't needed

Jack Layton's parting words to us.  We need his counsel more than ever before.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ice ...

Wendy, Sooki and I went for a long walk today in the Sackville Woods near where I live.  

The walk through the woods is pretty easy as there is so little snow. 

The trail lead out of the woods onto an old blocked off access road. From there it went to the Sackville River; where a lovely sight quite perplexed me.

The rocks were decorated with ice.

I was totally intrigued -- and puzzled.

As I made my way farther downstream I marvelled that ice formations continued all the way down the river.

Notice that that chunk of ice on the right of the centre is hanging from a branch !

I don't know for sure, but I imagine that these ice shapes were created when the water was higher and wilder though we haven't had any rain lately nor any significant storms.  

I don't recall ever seeing something like this before.

Have you ?

Saturday, January 21, 2017

March on Washington ... in Halifax

Yesterday Lord Voldemort was installed as the President of the United States.

Today I went to the March on Washington; in Halifax.

I'm afraid that THAT MAN has brought out the worst in me.  I am not proud of my flaming responses to his followers comments on FaceBook, so I decided to make a sign with a message that was not mean or insulting -- though some real zingers came to mind -- like "Republicans for Voldemort".  But for once I took the high road.

Called a "march" it was really a rally as we didn't march anywhere but simply collected together on the Parade Ground behind City Hall.  Though the planners had only put up the notice of the event two weeks ago, interest in attending swelled from 100 to 2,000 very quickly.


"We are the Grand daughters of the Witches you weren't able to burn"


The signs were most inventive.   

              A few were rude.
                       A few were crass.   

                                 Most were thoughtful.

Don't bother looking; I didn't post the crass ones.

I had to think about this one for a sec.

And finally ...

And hey, look at this, I snagged a pussy hat !

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

One name on a tree.

I love how at this time of year you can come across decorated Christmas trees in the most unusual of places.

This one is in Shubie Park; one my favourite off leash parks in Halifax.

This tree deserved more than a cursory, admiring look.

There were notes on the tree ...

 notes of support, and hope and caring.

But the notes were not really what grabbed my attention.

It was the ornamental glass balls ...

They had names on them.

Names and dates.

Names and dates and ages.

This was no ordinary tree.

When I got home I Googled "Jamie Hubley" and found an obituary in that name and a headline from a CBC news story: "Gay Ottawa teen who killed himself was bullied".

Jamie was 15 when he killed himself.   

The only openly gay boy at his high school he was tormented and bullied. He changed schools; the bullying continued.

He'd been a championship figure skater but quit, after endless bullying and being physically attacked in grade 7.

Jamie loved singing and pop music.  He just wanted to be accepted for who he was and to be allowed to love who he chose.

In the wake of Jamie's death, his father, Allan Hubley ,  a Councillor for the City of Ottawa, spearheaded a mental heath drive which raised $800,000.  A year after his son's death as Mr. Hubley was talking about the need for LGBTQ support within schools, anti-bullying measures and the need for mental health supports, word came of the suicide of Amanda Todd in British Columbia.

Trees like this start conversations and raise awareness.

I just wish we didn't need them.

But since we do, let's talk...